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Introducing the EVOX performance enhancement system. The EVOX delivers highly-predictable, thorough, and consistent results for a variety of issues dealing with subconscious stress, and PTSD appears to be no exception.

The EVOX measures voice frequencies during a brief recording of the client’s voice. It captures reliable markers of subconscious stress and displays a pattern on your computer screen called a Voice Map. The stress pattern changes depending on the topic spoken of.

Next, the EVOX delivers a signal targeting the stress measured during the recording. During this signal-output phase, clients typically report feeling peaceful and discovering new thoughts and perceptions they had been unable to experience before.

Following signal output, another recording is made. After each of the first few voice maps, the pattern often shows an increase in subconscious stress as it begins to “emerge” and release. After 3-5 voice maps, the pattern typically shows a releasing patterns where the stress vanishes from the quadrant where it had been fixed. At this point, the client can be expected to feel significant relief and to experience increased freedom from previous symptoms.

The exact mechanism that elicits such effects is thus far only theoretical, but the consistently effective results are clearly observable. Anecdotal evidence of its efficacy are abundant.

For example, a doctor brought a vet to my office in 2006 who suffered such extreme anxiety attacks that he had hardly left his house in years. He had constant nightmares as well. After five voice maps, the stress pattern had released and he reported feeling peaceful.

Three weeks later, the doctor dropped by the office and reported that the vet had not suffered a single anxiety attack since his EVOX session, he laughed all the time, and felt better than ever before in his life.

Such results are so typical that when no observable results occur after eight or nine voice maps, I become quite surprised.

EVOX Awareness

I am currently in contact with a high-ranking individual in the military medical establishment to introduce the EVOX as an ideal solution for dealing with PTSD, combat stress, and other performance enhancement. His personal experience and several experiences he has witnessed on other individuals has him convinced and quite excited about the upcoming relief for so many soldiers. We will soon present the system to additional military doctors in order to spread the enthusiasm that is the EVOX’s due.

The EVOX matches perfectly the military’s BICEP program wherein relief from combat stress can be delivered quickly, on location, and return our soldiers to duty in safe mental/emotional condition. The EVOX is completely portable, simple to operate, and extremely cost effective.


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